On Feb 27, Rachel Winkler was found dead in her home in Cameron Park. Her husband was arrested Monday in connection with her death. Their three children Eva, 4, Ariel, 2, and Alex, 6 months, are now without either parent and the family is completely devastated. Rachel's father, Don Hatfield, is seeking immediate guardianship of Eva, Ariel and Alex. Before this tragedy, Don had more than his share of recent challenges including the loss of his wife to cancer a month ago, and the loss of his home to the foreclosure crisis within the last year.

Don has 30 days to establish a life for himself and the three children, including finding a larger home, a nanny to help care for the children while he paints to support them, and the myriad other needs associated with the care and raising of three small children. In 30 days, the state of California will evaluate Don as to whether or not he may continue as their permanent guardian. Any help you can provide is extremely appreciated!
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As some of you may know my beautiful daughter, Rachel, died Monday, February 27.  Her husband, Todd Winkler, is being held in connection with her death.  The Eldorado County Court has given me guardianship of the three children Eva 4, Ariel 2, and Alex 9 months.  They will live with me in Napa, California.

There has been a tremendous outpouring of love and sympathy.  I have a team of friends and family currently looking for a large house where I can paint and raise the children with the help of a nanny.  A children’s fund has been established in Rachel’s name to receive monetary gifts.  The following information will guide those of you who want to contribute.  Thank you and God bless you.  Rachel now joins my beautiful wife, Janey, who left us January 21 of this year.  I am comforted by the love of God who grants me knowledge that the two women who meant the most to me are safe and beautiful in His presence.  We will join them someday in that home prepared for us where there will be no more tears and where we will never loose those we love again.  Don Hatfield

To help by donating via Credit Card: Go to paypal.com, click “Send Money” right in the middle of the page, enter the amount, select “Friends and Family”, and click Continue. In the “To” email address, enter: Rachelschildrensfund@gmail.com. Enter your own email in the “From” box. Follow the directions to enter your credit card or paypal information. By Wire Transfer: The account is in the name of Don Hatfield at Wells Fargo bank. Routing Number: 121042882 Account Number: 6990388875